Product Review: iSense Sensuality

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One carpet that always gets attention in our show room is the iSense Sensuality range by Associated Weavers. It is so soft that you just have to feel it to believe it. A question that we are frequently asked about this carpet is “because it is so soft, will it flatten?”. Well, the answer is no, which is why this carpet is the ultimate luxury floor for your home.

There is a reason that this carpet is one of our best sellers of 2016 so far. It’s made from polyamide yarn fibres, which gives a better appearance retention whilst being luxuriously soft to the touch. We bet you will find the carpet so irresistible – you’ll be running your fingers over it more than you’ll be walking on it. Consider this carpet the Porsche of carpets – stylish, luxurious and timeless.

The extremely high quality iSense Sensuality offers six ranges; each unique in their composition and feel. Serenity, Splendour, Seduction, L’amour, Illusion and Adoration. They all have a heavy domestic rating meaning you can have this indulgent softness in any room in the house. We have samples in an array of colours at our showroom. We recommend you come and have a feel for yourself.

Everybody has a soft side….. Have you?

Photo Credit: Associated Weavers

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