Springtime Stripes

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Statement stripes are becoming increasingly more popular this Spring. Whether it be big, bold and bright or small and subtle, you can count on striped carpet to add a bit of contemporary character to your home.

By using stripes on your staircase, it’s possible to create an illusion of height, making your home feel more spacious. Stripes can also make an area that doesn’t get much natural light instantly brighter.

Stripes are the perfect contrast to neutral walls and other carpet throughout the home; there’s a reason that this type of flooring is the interior design favourite of the season.

As well as adding that extra bit of sophistication to your home, having bold flooring such as striped carpet can do wonders for hiding dirt on areas that get a lot of traffic (stairs, hallways, landings etc.)

We have a great selection of stripey samples at our showroom in Woodingdean. From loud colours that instantly grab attention or just something to add that extra dimension of sophistication – you name it, we have it.

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